Anything at all

from by Kabir



I don't say it enough so I'm a make sure I say it right here
You're a wonderful woman and I love you so much my dear
As time ticks on with the days, weeks, months and years
It's all in focus and the outcome's clear

I don't tell you enough so I'm a tell you the deal right now
You're incredible baby and I love everything you're about
And through the pain that life will surely bring
You can count on me for everything

Everything, anything at all
Everything, anything at all

I've been watching you and the amazing mother you are (you're amazing!) I've been thinking about it, you and I we've traveled so far
And through the years we'll proudly watch her grow
And where her life will lead we just don't know

I don't thank you enough so I'm a thank you some more right now
You know my music career's got me running all crazy around
But you always told me to pursue what I love to do
And everything I do I do it just for you

Everything, anything at all
Everything, anything at all

Everything you want, anything you need
We listen to each other - that's what makes our love succeed
We've had our differences and we sometimes disagree
But compromise and trust help us navigate the sea
And when the ocean's waves come crashing down on me
You're the one who gives me shelter you know how to set me free
You've always had my back and you enable me to breathe
So anything at all I'll give you everything you need

Everything, anything at all
Everything, anything at all


from Olympic Gold, released October 19, 2012

All songs written by Kabir Sen for Uncle Trouble Music (ASCAP)
Tracks 1, 4, 10 & 14 written by Kabir Sen
Tracks 6, 8 & 12 written by Kabir Sen & Geoff Scott
Tracks 2 & 13 written by Kabir Sen & Aaron Bellamy
Track 3 written by Kabir Sen & Jared Bridgeman
Track 5 written by Kabir Sen & Tom Shimura
Track 7 written by Kabir Sen & Timothy Parker
Track 9 written by Kabir Sen, Edward Anderson & Aaron Bellamy
Track 11 written by Kabir Sen & Jeffrey Haynes

All vocals by Kabir Sen, Sarah Brindell (1, 4, 8, 10 & 12), Akrobatik (3), Lyrics Born (5), Gift of Gab (7), Edo. G (9), Mr. Lif (11), Ellen O’Brien (9), Sinclair Jennings (13)

All trombone parts by Brian Thomas
All saxophone parts by Jared Sims
All cuts by DJ Axel Foley
All live drums by Luke Bellamy
All guitar and bass parts by Geoff Scott (except 2, 9 & 13 by Aaron Bellamy)
All keys parts by Kabir Sen (except track 9 by Amy Bellamy)

Tracks 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 11 produced by Geoff Scott & Kabir Sen. Tracks 2, 9, 13 & 14 produced by Aaron Bellamy. Track 3 produced by A-RusH. Track 12 produced by Geoff Scott.

All tracks engineered by Geoff Scott except 2, 9, 13 & 14 (engineered by Aaron Bellamy) and track 3 (engineered by Tarik MacFarland)

All tracks mastered by Geoff Scott at “The Attic” in Norwood, MA (
Artwork by Chris Love (
Design by Heather Burke (


Management: Howard Turkenkopf,





all rights reserved


Kabir Boston, Massachusetts

Kabir Sen (AKA "MC Kabir") is a hip hop/soul/rock artist, music teacher, singer, emcee, songwriter and producer from the Boston area. He performs regularly with his band the Krush Faktory at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge (1st Saturday of every month), The Plough & Stars in Cambridge (3rd Saturday of every month) and Bull McCabes Pub in Somerville every Thursday. His 6 albums are available here! ... more

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